Hormones, my opinion

Today was fun!!!

Imagine the scene……….

I am warming up by getting my hip mobility under way, doing some light weighted back squats. Got my favourite T-shirt on, good shorts with plenty of room, head phones on – because no one else needs to hear what I am listening to. I am in the zone. Feeling pumped.

I get under the bar, like I have done countless times before, lift off the rack, drop down into my squat and then as I am pushing up, BOOM, ut oh……. I seem to be falling backwards. So my inner voice starts screaming “wait……..stick your leg out, dont fall, do something” and the next thing I know I am basically side lunging my way out of a not very heavy squat.

I re-rack, shake my head and laugh for about a minute, look at myself in the mirror and add some more weight to either side and bang out a whole set stronger than ever.

I turn round once I finished the set to do my box jumps. Guess what……. yep, missed that too. Narrowly missing taking all the skin off both shins.

Honestly, I could have fallen over a piece of paper that day. I counted how many trips, falls and just general clumsy behaviour I encountered that day – 22 incidents of hurting myself in one way or another, when I remembered to count. There were probably a few others.

It would seem that not only was my balance and co-ordination completely off – normally I am solid as a rock – but my whole body felt alien to me. My boobs were swollen and sore, my head was in the clouds, I couldn’t concentrate for more than a minute on any given task, I had over 40 tabs open on all the screens I had available, I was unable to string a sentence together without the words becoming all jumbled.

Luckily for me, my clients found the funny side and I didn’t get too angry when I couldn’t walk from one end of the studio to the other without tripping over something.

But it started me thinking………

I know my body, I know that this weirdness is going to last about 48 hours and then I will go back to being a machine and everything will be great. The cravings I am having are because my body is just scanning itself to see if there are adjustments needed and sending my messages to make the appropriate changes to bring me back to homeostasis. It happens every month. Some are worse than others, depending on how much sleep I have had but the outcome is still the same. The cravings will pass, I will sleep and have weird dreams but I will be fine and my body will reset. But I am not sure that others know or understand how much ladies can be affected by our cycles and what to look out for, so I just wanted to share and explain that it isn’t always our fault and sometimes you cant help it.

But you also don’t need to be a hostage to your hormones. Use them to power your training, motivation, and logic. Some times you just want to scream and it makes no sense, but it is ok.
Sometimes you say things you don’t really mean, or you do mean them, you just say them in a horrible way. Sometimes you just want to cry all day long for no reason at all.


Don’t you just hate it when people say things like “you on your period or something?” Well Sir, it is none of your business but I would really like to rip off your head and shit down your neck if you speak to me that way again. And just so you know, when I am angry it is normally a week before my period / lady time / monthly – what ever you want to call it. It is something we have to go through every month. I am sure I speak for most women out there that it is something that we really wouldn’t like to experience every few weeks but there we are.

Now then, things that I have learnt that help me through;
1. Take magnesium and folic acid supplements everyday – this helps to reduce cravings and craps
2. Track your cycle and mark down trends – like mood, hunger, sleep patterns so nothing is a surprise
3. Keep exercising – just remember there will be times where you are weaker and that is ok.
4. Brownies – home made warm keto chocolatey goodness for all those crazy cravings
5. Let it all out – cry, scream, eat, run, dead lift, sleep – do what ever you need to do. Don’t try and squash it down, it will just kick your arse harder.

You are not alone, you don’t need to suffer and it is totally ok to talk about it. We all have to go through it so we can at least share and understand one another a little better.

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