My 72 hour fasting journey

Last night, Wednesday, I got home from work via a body jam class, because lets face it, it is really fun! And ate the lunch that I had lovingly prepared the day before but stupidly left in the fridge. Oh it was divine. Sun dried tomatoes, vegan chicken pieces lightly fried in coconut oil with all the salad and M&S coleslaw, mmmmmmm delicious, and even more so because I had waited all day for it and I knew it would be the last thing I would eat until Saturday night, or maybe even Sunday if I feel daring enough.

Woke this morning feeling focused and totally ready to smash the shit out of the day. Had a coffee in my BOSS mug and de-iced the car. Headed to the studio to smash a shoulder session because it was the only part of me that wasn’t hurting. 20 minutes later I am hitting a PB on push press, 70kg!!

I rang that PB bell, such a sweet noise. The members and Coach Kate cheered. I felt great! Decided I was on a winner here today so loaded up the plates on the sled. First, 100kg – Easy, 150kg – Easy, 175kg – harder but still managed so we, Kate and I decided F%&K it – 200kg. All the swears and the slowest pull ever, but I did it. Almost 3 times my body weight. Thought my head was going to explode but felt great. Finished my work out had a shower and then the challenge of not eating post work out began.

Long day with 9 clients, 2 consults and potentially a yoga class if I can get there in time.

10.30 – 2 clients down. Tummy is rumbling and I am feeling hungry, but nothing I can’t handle. I am normally hungry this time of day anyway.

11.30 – Hunger has gone – YAY – but headache – BOO. Feeling a bit tired so upped my fluid intake.

Made it through to 3pm – feeling ok. Very tired but this is not unusual for me at this time of day. More water. Lots of wee

Ut oh – 5pm has come and gone. This is the time that I generally have a total melt down and brain fog, unable to concentrate or hold a conversation – not today. Feeling pretty epic if I am honest. Had a massive tummy rumble and I thought I was going to be in a world of trouble but had some water with a pinch of pink salt in and back on track. Head ache is all but gone. My training this morning has turned my body into one gigantic ache but I love it. Looking forward to going home and reading my book.

Day 2

Had a massive sleep last night, only woke once in the night, which is unheard of for me, and guess what, it was so I could have a wee. All the wee, it is great.

Anyway, feeling pretty good and had another training session this morning. Nothing super human but a good maintenance session going through the motions and feeling ok. Not totally drained but aware that I haven’t eaten for almost 36 hours. Time will tell.

Going to have a float today – the magnesium salts and sensory deprivation should really help me focus over the next day or too.

Mood is pretty even, which is surprising as I am hangry most of the time.

Had a float – always a pleasure and a delightful experience. Had the best dreams where I was coaching a Kettle Bell exercise and ended up waking myself up because I had flung my arm in the air and made myself laugh – wally. Felt hungry after the float but mood is great and focus is really good, will up my fluid intake to try and stop me killing someone

6.30pm – I feel like my insides are turning round and round full of rocks. I am really struggling this time round and have wanted to cave in with food lots of times. But I haven’t!! So far

My evening pretty much carried on this way, felling hungry and a little bit snappy. I think this time round I have continued to work really hard, delivering a lot of sessions, meetings daily, training like an animal hitting huge lifts and it has been too much. Normal people rest when they fast.

Day 3

There is only 1 word to sum up this day – SHIT!

Woke up feeling ok, had a couple of coffees and got some work done but feeling drained and crap would be an understatement but it is serving a purpose so just getting it done.

My training was awful today, could barely even lift Deadlift for 5 reps so I got in a right strop and lay on the floor. Couldn’t even manage to walk in a straight line, had a head ache all day and was dizzy for most of the time. All the other times I have fasted, it has never been this bad. I have always found day 3 to be the best day with loads of energy and buzzing. Today was a slog it was hard and I did not like it at all.

I broke fast with a delicious salad and then some keto brownies. Remind me one day to tell you about the poo, but that is not for this day, that requires prep and a strong soul.

If you want to learn more about why I did this, the results and details then please get in touch.

If you want to try, I can help.

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