Shhhhhh, no one wants to talk about it.


I’m Amy. I am 34. I love training, working, hanging out with my friends, learning, I am a great big feminist boob loving lesbian – are you offended yet, because it is about to get a whole lot worse


I can literally hear you cringing, please bare with me.

I am not here to judge or preach to you about trying to convert you and call you names if you choose to eat rotting animal bodies – oh too real for you – NOT SORRY!

I have been living this life style a little while now, just about a decade, I forget the specific day that I started but I know that it has been a long while. I will hold my hands up and tell you straight that I am not the strictest Vegan out there, I do eat cake and tried to bring eggs back in to my life a little while ago, but the rest I am totally animal free when it comes to my food.

BTW – eggs are still off the menu – It is a NO from me

Most people kick their shit about Protein and worry that I am getting enough. People that I have never met, cooked for, trained with or anything. Yet they seem to think that their opinion on where I source my Protein matters to me. I have got bored with trying to take the moral high ground these days so I try to be as sarcastic or witty as possible with my answers, but sometimes I just shake my head and walk away. Ignorance is bliss for most and Lord forgive you if you dare to walk a different path.

Once I was told to stop attention seeking and just have some bacon – Literally have no words. I wanted to slap the bacon right out of his mouth, but what is the point?

So, here we are, half way through and I haven’t actually given you any data on what it is like or the reasons why or anything.

Like I said earlier, I am not going to preach to you or give you science or any data, just my opinion and experience on what it is like to live as a Vegan. Recently, I would say in the last 5 years, it has become a lot more main stream and therefore easier and more accessible to eat cruelty free and be more aware of your choices. Restaurants and super markets seem to be embracing it and actually competing on vegan selections and availability, like vegan days of the week or specific menus to choose from. This makes life so much easier and less time spent reading labels, which is handy as I know I am getting to the point where my arms don’t seem to be long enough to read the labels.

I am getting off track. What is it like being Vegan? Honestly, I have been doing it for so long that I don’t have to think about it. It can get a bit tedious at times because you need to think, prepare and plan your day all of the time. I have learnt to always carry some kind of snack that will get me through to the next meal, and be a little willing to bend on food selection. Avocados and nuts are always in my bag and probably a few other bits that I have grabbed. I have food in the fridge at work and home is filled with stuff I can just grab.

What kind of things, I hear you ask? Well, mostly what you would imagine. Take the death out of your fridge and probably the same as you. Fruits, veggies, salad take up the most room, some kind of dip, like guacamole, humus, or salsa, there will undoubtedly be tofu of some kind and all the nuts and nut butters. Did I mention Avocado, all of those. And then there are the little secret things that I have learnt to hunt for over time, like fermented yeast, roasted pine nuts, good quality dark chocolate, fat bombs and all the spices. Yes, you have to think outside the box for a while and it does take a little longer to prep food sometimes, like soaking lentils over night blah blah. But to me it is totally worth it.

The benefits I have felt over the years far out weigh the limited inconvenience of having to think a little bit more;

  1. Great skin – people think I am 10 years younger than I actually am
  2. I am leaner than ever – ABS!!!
  3. Stronger than ever – Boom, wonder woman. 152.5 kg deadlift – just saying
  4. I recover really well from training and injuries – brought on by me being a clumsy oaf not training
  5. Energy levels are higher – they need to be so I can change the world and work 15 hour days
  6. Body works more efficiently – digestion and blood stream are impeccable and have a metabolic age of 17 – oh yeah
  7. I don’t catch colds or muggle illness
  8. No animals suffer in my day to day living – double win
  9. Shopping is cheaper by rather a lot – about half price actually
  10. Moral high ground – WIN!!

Is it for everyone – no

Is it hard – no

Should you try it – yes, even if you set aside 1 day a week. The benefits are huge and you get to save the life of 1 animal for each day you choose not to eat meat.

I promised not to preach so I wont, but at least try living without Milk. You really don’t need it. A baby cow needs it’s mothers milk – you really really don’t. You were taken off your own mothers breast at a very young age, and fed solid food – just think about that for a moment. How many adult horses do you see drinking milk from a sheep?? Amy Jayne – don’t be disgusting. Well, aren’t you drinking baby juice from a different species when you have milk? Oh, I see, It is only gross if you have to stop and think about it. Right then.

Thank you for getting this far, I really love you for taking the time to not judge and get this far.

I know that you are curious so I challenge you to try 1 vegan day a week for a month – report back to me, I want to know.

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