Day 5 of 5 – blogging challenge

For once I am dumbstruck about what to write about.

I am pacing around my lounge, in my wonder woman dressing gown, I mean why would you wear anything else? Hey, maybe that can be my inspiration for my writing, no not my wonder woman dressing grown but the fact that I am in my own space and moving forwards with my life, finally.


Of course I am going to write about Wonder Woman, that is far more interesting.

Did you know that she was the brain child of a middle aged professor in psychology, that had a wife and a mistress that all lived together as one family, with all their children? She was brought to life in 1941 under the original title of  “suprema, the Wonder woman”. Dr William Moulton Marston was the inventor of my super heroine and also an advocate / potential inventor of the lie detector – which is how her lasso came to be one of her greatest assets.

Anyway…… enough of the geek. We all know that I am a super fan but I kind of want to explain why and also why I think it is important to have role models, even if they are fictional.

I unashamedly love Wonder Woman.

She is kind, gave up her life of royalty and riches on and Island that would protect her to save the human race because she knew she could. She was raised in a place with only peace and women to love and teach her, but she chose to leave this safety and sanctuary to walk bravely into the unknown because someone she did not know asked her too and she followed her heart, and knew that she could make a difference.

Also, she isn’t stick thin or trying to please people by being a stereotypical woman that men want to ejaculate over, although they probably do because she is awesome, but I hope you get my point. She breaks the molds that we are brought up to believe we should fit into. She ends up saving herself just as much as the countless others she rescues along the way.

I know she isn’t a real person, I am no fool. I mean, come on, no one can be that beautiful, speak all the languages, be that strong, wear that uniform and get all the girls or guys to fall at her feet.

But the concept of her. The idea that a woman can be a leader, can be stronger than man, can change the world and do it while everyone else doubts her and says she can’t. That is what I like, I aspire to, I want to believe that this can be real life not just a comic.

I think having a role model, inspiration, what ever you want to call it, helps to give you something to aim for. Or at least some thing to believe in and hold your values up against to see if they are compatible. It doesn’t matter if other people think you are foolish or think it can’t be done, if it is what gets you out of bed in the morning and gives you warmth in your heart then it really is no business of any one else’s.

So, if you want to strut about in a cape and super hero mask because it makes you feel stronger and better, then you do that and screw the haters because who cares what they think, miserable bastards can’t bring you down.


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