It is the season of change. Time to be more like a tree.

The Autumn is the most beautiful yet catastrophic season in my opinion, I look forward to it every year and welcome it with open arms. Not only is there orange everywhere I look, obviously the best colour in the entire world, but the relentless heat of the summer is gone and the world is changing every day and you can literally see it happening in front of your eyes. I find this time of year the most motivating to bring about change and refocus my goals over the long cold winter months.

It is time to dig out the wooly hats and jumpers because it is getting colder outside. Cuddling up with blankets and hot chocolates while you read your favourite book by the fire. Going out for walks and coming back with bright red cheeks and a runny nose. Holding a mug of steaming hot soup while you stand out watching fire works blast off into the sky. Hours of darkness to see the stars shining the brightest. You can see the animals preparing themselves for what they have to come, getting the provisions ready to see them through to the spring when life gets a little easier again.

Looking around and feeling all the changes makes me want to do the same in my life. A tree is such a great metaphor for life, so I am going to use that to help make my point.

A giant Oak tree starts life as a tiny acorn buried in darkness, with a little time and patience grows into a beautiful, life giving tree, with deep strong roots that spread far and wide, tall branches that reach and touch many other branches interlinking one tree to the next. Or it could be standing tall swaying in the wind, but it is rooted firm and will weather most storms. Each year, the old leaves and dead wood fall away, leaving space for the new life and beautiful youthful leaves to come through. The tree never questions what gets thrown at it, who comes to visit, who nests inside her warmth and grows a family that stays for generations to come, the tree is always the tree, it just keeps growing and changing to suit the season knowing it is getting stronger all the time and is providing for all that need her.

I want to be more like a tree.

Ask yourself these 3 questions;

  • What is my purpose?
  • What should I be doing right now?
  • What actions should I be taking?

Once you know the answers to these you can start to shed your old leaves and dead wood. You will feel your roots becoming stronger so you can bend and sway in the storms that come. And you will grow so big and so strong into the tallest, biggest tree in the forest.

I would love to hear your answers

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