How do I do what I do?

I have been given a gift, of this I am certain, there is no other explanation for what I am able to do with other humans. I connect with every person I come into contact with, whether I invite it or not. I can’t fix all of them, because not everyone needs to be fixed, but I connect with them.

Some people would label this as being an Empath, others may say I am a spiritual being, others may just freak out at the mere thought of this happening at all. But all of it is true. I have done some reading on what it is like to be an empath, how to manage it and why it happens to you.

Most of the time it is people that are sensitive to emotions and are connected to weird hippy dippy stuff and believe in cosmic stuff and psychics, right? I would like to say that I always thought that I was distant to emotions and did a really good job of blocking them out, would laugh at the hippies and snort and the mention of seeing a psychic. But there was always a yearning when I was near those kinds of people, like a belonging that I couldn’t explain.

At the beginning of this year I started to question everything, all the aspects of my life that I thought I was in control of. It is frightening when all the pillars of your life come crashing down at the same time, but it is a great time to stop and do some reflecting on what is going on and if you are on the right path. I clearly was going in the wrong direction, so the universe sent me massive disasters because I wasn’t paying attention and it knew I could handle it and set myself right.

So what have I learnt over the last 10 months;

  • I am a magnet for people that need healing in some way
  • I have a way to help these people. Emotional healing is my gift
  • I take on other people’s energy and emotions, and I can’t help it
  • I have a level of intuition that lets me know what people are feeling and thinking as if they are an extension of myself
  • I get drained easily by people giving me their ‘stuff’ – I am learning how to deal with this and have a protective bubble around me
  • Crowds affect me because of the huge mixture of emotions coming at me all at once, I don’t like being in busy places at all.
  • I love nature and being in quiet places, it helps me to recharge and block the hectic, noisy real world
  • I am actually more sensitive than most. I don’t like confrontation or seeing living beings hurt, I can feel the pain they are suffering right along side them.
  • I put my problems aside to help others heal
  • Sometimes, people just need to feel safe, have someone to  make them laugh and I can give that to them for free in endless supply

Would I like to return my gift in exchange for a peaceful life, absolutely not.

In fact, I am learning how to use my gift so that I can help even more people. I understand now that I need to welcome people that come to me and offer them kindness, love and compassion rather than suspicion and judgement.

My vision is to help my people create a world that is free of pain, physical, emotional and any other type that comes along the way. Life should be fun, an experience to enjoy with love and happiness being the main focus. Being a therapist, I know this more than most and have made it my mission to help.

My blogs are just random thoughts that come into my head, often in the early hours of the morning when I wake, but some of the words may ring true to someone reading it. I am only just beginning to understand the wonder of what I am capable of doing, and I can’t wait to under go the next chapter of my adventure. I hope to learn a few more skills that I can share with you along that journey.

If you feel drawn to me and you’re not quite sure why and want to know more then please drop me a message.

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