Being reliant on technology to ‘track’ results and being obsessed with the numbers

Hold on to your pants, this is going to be a bit of a rant!

Since leaving the cooperate world and working for myself again, which I must admit was the best thing I ever did (More on that another time), I have been able to sit back, watch and take in a lot.

I know I am a unique human in many ways; my attitude towards training, my work ethic and the way I can and will help as many people as I can, as often as I can, but I didn’t quiet realise how old school I had become. Let me try and explain.

I write my training plans down on paper and record my sessions in pen, scribbling notes on the side so I can get better next time I do that session. Or remember the things that I may have tried, like a narrow stance for squats, or hook grip in deadlift.

I don’t weigh myself (only in the last 6 weeks as I have been conducting an experiment)

I don’t take measurements because it is the skills performance and how I feel that is important

If I don’t feel up to the plan, I will do something that feels right, like a recovery session or a walk. The world doesn’t end, and actually, I can train even better the next day

I don’t care what other people think about what I am wearing or doing. I am here to train and focus on my own goals, I really couldn’t give a shit that someone thinks I am strong for a girl or whatever their narrow-minded self feels the need to express.

It drives me mad when my clients come and see me and are sad because they have either stayed the same weight or have gone up a little, so they totally sabotage their entire week and go off the rails. When I ask them why, they have no logical reason. They feel constant pressure to be using all the apps, following all the fitness routines and self-help gurus and all the nutritional people, blah blah blah boring!!

What is actually important? Why are you here? When do you want to achieve your goals? Who is going to help you, or more importantly hold you accountable? Where are you going to be doing most of the training required?

Why are you making it so complicated?

Calories in need to be equal or less than calories out to create a deficit and weight loss. Weight gain means the opposite, more calories in than out. You do not need a fancy devise or ap to tell you this. All the data you need can be found on the package of what you buy. Fruits and veggies don’t come with calories written on them because you should be eating these in abundance.

Carbs = 4 calories per gram

Protein = 4 calories per gram

Fats = 9 calories per gram

If you know that you and remember it, you can’t go wrong. it will be complicated for a little while until you have got used to measuring and the right portion size but consistency is all you need.

Nature provides us with the food that we require, anything proceed or made in factory therefore isn’t natural and our bodies will not deal with it very well. Why would you even consider putting that stuff in your mouth? Do you know where the ingredients are from? Or how it has been made? And then I guess you are wondering why you feel like crap and aren’t able to achieve the weight loss you are aiming for, or the training goals?

But wait, everything will be ok because you are putting it to myfitness pal, or some other kind of tracking app, right? I am sorry to say that kind of behaviour isn’t going to save you. You are focusing on the wrong thing. Total calories are important, but balancing your macros is far more important. An app doesn’t help you with that. You need to know what your numbers are and stick to them, not deviate from them, that is what a trainer is for.

Constantly adding things to a device is time consuming and a way to justify eating things you know you shouldn’t, in my opinion. Also adding to your already stressful life. Keep it simple and you will be really surprised how good you feel. You already know what to eat, I don’t need to tell you.

Food tracking is not my only bug bare. Pedometers, sleep trackers, bodi trax, BMI whatever else kind of machine that gives out a number. No wonder everyone is so confused and stressed.


Constantly checking a thing to see how many steps you have done, or how many hours of ‘Good’ sleep you have had, is only going to drive you more insane. Step away, leave them alone.

Answer honestly. When you go on holiday, or have down time from your day job, do you turn off your work phone and computer so you can’t be contacted by the people you are getting away from? Of course, the answer is yes

So then why are you adding my stress and things to chase? Where is the goal? If you are chasing perfection you will never find it!!

Put the things away. Do it. Right now. Turn them off. Sign out. Cancel your accounts. It will be hard for the first few days but then, you will feel a sense of freedom and start to take more control of your own destiny and actually enjoy the simple things again. I bet you will sleep better too.

How accurate are the numbers you are getting anyway?

I have seen 2 people this week do some measurements and when they get the results, have a complete mood on because they have gone up 1lb or aged a little more on the metabolic age and they feel like they have had a really good week. So even though, before getting on the device, they were positive, feeling buzzed and in a positive state of change, within 30 seconds their mood was dark, they were pissed off, couldn’t understand why their numbers had gone ‘the wrong way’ and were ready to throw it all away and give up.

If they hadn’t of done their measurements, would their good mood have continued – probably – would they have enjoyed their session more – yes – would they carry on along the path that they had been on without a problem – of course.

The choice is yours at the end of the day. Some of the numbers can be useful some of the time, to do an update and see that the direction is right but most of the time it just puts you in a bad mood and halts all progress you were making.

Think back to your happiest memory or best holiday, I bet there was no tracking of calories or sleep or steps, but you felt extraordinary. Just saying

You take 2 weeks a year to get away from all the things you have created or purchased to ‘make your life easier’. What the hell is that about? Wouldn’t it be better to just live your life how you do when you are on holiday, free from all the gadgets and constant noise?

You have become a slave to the advertising world and are wasting your money. Wearing a watch that tells you to move more isn’t actually getting you out of the chair to move, you need to do that. If you need to be reminded to move, you need to get a better trainer and lifestyle as sitting still should drive you mad.

Why don’t you try not using your phone for a week, turning off the pedometer, not checking the news every hour or Facebook constantly?

Tell me how you feel after 5 days tech free.


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