Vulnerability leads to bravery

“Is there anything you aren’t afraid of?”

Is a comment I hear a lot when I tell people what I have planned for the weekend, or what my challenge is going to be for that month. Honestly, yes. It is all terrifying in its own way, and that is the point. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Being an avid wonder woman fan, in case you didn’t know, I was very excited and pleased that finally there was a film to depict how a woman can change the way you think about super hero’s.

*Spoiler alert*

The part where she is in the trenches and sees all the refugees and soldiers confused, scared and unsure what to do and asks the question “why aren’t you doing anything about this?” She was told that there was no point, they have been trying for months and have got nowhere. She stood tall, took off her cape and went over the top to be utterly bombarded by the enemy, but she didn’t falter, she pushed on. The soldiers rallied and followed her over. While she took the main focus of the bullets, the others managed to get in and over come what was holding them back and prisoners were free and the town was liberated.

I had goose bumps. Was standing on my chair cheering as she literally did not take no for an answer because she knew that she could change the situation for the better if she was brave. Now, Iknow it is a film based on a fictional character, but the moral of the story isn’t.

Standing by and watching is all well and good if you are happy with the situation and will settle with the outcome, even if it is negative for you. But what if you aren’t happy about it or don’t want to settle for a negative outcome, would you change your course?

Most people will make excuses, or accept that what they have is all they are worth and be too afraid to change because that is unknown and potentially uncomfortable. But i have learnt that just the other side of that unknown, uncomfortable place are the most amazing opportunities.

Allowing your self to be a little bit afraid and vulnerable to change, will help you to grow and experience some of the best things in your life and gain incredible belief in your self and an inner strength you didn’t even know you wanted. Before you know it you are the one leading the charge over the top and taking the bullets without hesitation.

Truthfully, I used to be afraid of everything; failure, being alone, unmet expectations, the sea and everything in it, clowns, trying anything new, social situations and invitations to parties. I was spiraling into a hole of self pity and hatred for all i had become and it was so pointless. Being miserable for the sake of it because I was too scared to try something new was not how I wanted to live my life. I needed to refelct what I wanted to change and then take the charge and go for it.

Feeling that pang of uncertainty doesn’t need to be the reason you stop becoming who you want to be or achieving the things you have always wanted. Feel it, take it with you, use it to keep you alert while you enjoy the moment.

After all, life is just a lot of moments. You may as well enjoy them.


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