DISC – written 2012

Personality types and behaviour models:

There are many different ways of analysing peoples/clients personalities; Myers Briggs and DISC are 2 of the most common and easy to use systems. I only have a very basic understanding of them but never the less; I find it very useful to be able to understand how to talk to my clients and how to deliver their session in a way that they will find comfortable.

For example, I am a very direct logical person. You don’t need to feed me lots of information, just give me the instructions of what you want me to do and I will do it. I am not interested in small talk I just want to do what’s required for the results I want. I am internally motivated so don’t need continuous encouragement. A strong willed stubborn lass that doesn’t deal with failure very well.

On the DISC profiling this makes me a D – Dominant.

This tends to clash with lots of other people because patience is not one of my strong points. I was finding I was attracting certain types of clients, those that were similar to me, and turning away more business than I should have because I found the potential client too different from me and therefore difficult.

After I did a course on personality profiling, I had to eat I gigantic slice of humble pie and learnt very quickly that if I could adapt and react to potential clients’ personality profiles I would generate better business but more importantly, be able to help more people.

It takes a while to be confident to be able to categorise someone but after a while I was able to understand which profile a client fell into during our initial consultation:

  • D – Dominant
    • Results driven
    • Motivated
    • Strong willed
    • Selfish
    • forceful
  • I – Influence
    • Optimistic
    • Trusting
    • Friendly
    • Disorganised
    • Impulsive
  • S – Steadiness
    • Calm
    • Patient
    • Consistent
    • Indecisive
    • Dislikes change
  • C – Conscientiousness
    • Careful
    • Cautious
    • Diplomatic
    • Overly critical
    • Over analyse

Everybody has a little of all 4 types within us, but in certain situations our natural traits come out and we lean more towards one profile than the others.

Building rapport with clients is essential for their growth and ability to reach their goals. We all know that one person in the gym that seems to have lots of friends, can cope with every kind of situation, has time for everyone, can explain the most complicated exercise to anyone so they can all do it perfectly and they are the one every client flocks to. They aren’t lucky or gifted, they have learnt to adapt the way they talk, body language and the vocabulary they use to suit their target audience.

I’m incredibly stubborn and thrive when left to work on my own, and that is not the friendly approachable person I needed to be to grow a successful happy business. I embraced the fact that I was the constant that needed to change if I was to be able to help more people, I love a challenge. So I set about making sure I learnt and understood that when a client doesn’t respond the way I would expect, it is my instruction that is wrong for their learning type and therefore I need to adjust the way I coach that individual. It took months of trial and error but eventually I grasped the concept of altering my approach and manner to suit the individual in front of me, and low and behold my business grew and I became that go to trainer.

I now have clients that fall into all 4 of the personality profiles and all are achieving results and we have a strong connection. I still struggle, 12 years later, with certain sub groups but I understand that this is my fault not theirs, so I have to adapt.

I would recommend any type of personality profiling course, or even just some night time reading, for any one that wants to build strong loyal and mutual relationships. It’s an insight into other people worlds that will change yours.

Becoming the change that you want to see in the world starts from within. Having an understanding of how others may relate to the environment they are in and being able to help them feel more comfortable will help you to thrive and also your people to have a better, happier experience when they are with you, regardless if it is business or pleasure.

Opening your eyes to having stronger relationships is my goal here.

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