Best piece of kit

I frequently get asked at conferences/courses/consultations and in general what my favourite piece of kit to use is. Honestly, I can’t narrow it down to just one. I use so many different things all the time because they all serve a different purpose and suit my clients in different ways. For example;

  • Tight muscles = trigger point kit
  • Injury = scraper / my hands
  • Strength training = trx / kettlebells / barbells
  • Cardio = trx, kettlebells, step and skipping rope
  • Rehab = all of the above
  • Sport specific = cones
  • Balance and co – ordination = bosu, power plate and cones
  • Every client = bodyweight and stop watch

As you can see, having a wide array of clients requires versatility and imagination to keep them interested and heading towards their goals. I believe that I need to be able to deliver high quality sessions that meet my client’s needs and are within my area of expertise. Of course I could have more kit, and I have learnt a fair amount about other pieces of equipment but I don’t feel it entirely necessary to use them all. I would need a bigger studio, I would have to charge a lot more and I feel that my sessions and knowledge would become watered down by an unnecessary piece of equipment.

Most of the time my non rehab sessions will consist of;

  1. 5 minute catch up on what has happened since our last session while my client is warming up. (If there are any niggles that have popped up or problems with movement sequences than we will also use this time to go over these.) BODYWEIGHT
  2. Then we will move on to a more dynamic mobility sequence to prime them for the main chunk of their session, again I will be ready with my hands in case any movements look restricted. BODYWEIGHT
  3. Next is the individual session plan. BODYWEIGHT, TRX, KETTLEBELLS, BARS, CONES AND STOPWATCH
  4. And finally a cool down and stretch with a plan for the next time before our next session.

I believe that the tool is only as good as the trainer, so a constant interest to learn and try new things will help you develop as a trainer and will become your best weapon. Most of the time all you need is a willing client and some space. You can have a fantastic workout out with your bodyweight and a stop watch. I don’t really understand the necessity to be a ‘master trainer’ in 1 specific tool that requires an expensive gym membership and restricts the boundaries of your clients training methods.

My job as a PERSONAL TRAINER is to deliver an individual program to achieve the SMART goals set by my client, how can I possibly do this if I only ever use one piece of kit? It is not a case of one size fits all, or what worked for one client will work for all that proceed them. I take great responsibility to learn as much as I can about as many different things as possible, so I know that I am always pushing my boundaries, just like I’m asking my clients too. You’ll be surprised at what you can achieve if you try. Live outside the box by trying to introduce new exercises each week or teaching a client how to do a burpee by only using cues, no demo.

How many times have you seen PERSONAL TRAINERS delivering the same session to all their clients because that’s all they are willing to do? How about a PERSONAL TRAINER leaning against a treadmill while their client runs for 45 minutes as they text their mates? Are they really getting the best out of their clients, equipment or themselves?


Pieces of kit do not determine the level of your skill or experience as a trainer so try not to get sucked into buying expensive equipment that is going to collect dust. Trust in your knowledge and ability to be able to help your client.

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