Lack of female role models? Look in the mirror, you are already one

Often I think how annoying it is to be deemed the ‘weaker sex’.

I look around me, and I don’t see any one that I would deem as weak, do you? All be it I work in a training facility and spend my life helping people get stronger, but i mean beyond that. Take a look next time you are at work, on a bus, in a shop or with your friends. Would you say any of them were weak? It is such a derogatory term and I hate it. Just because I am not 6 foot 4 with a beard, I am not weak! Physically i can lift, push, pull, carry as much if not more than most of the men I know. Mentally, I can go up against most too. And i know for a fact that I am not alone.

We women, we can handle so much more physical pain than our male counterparts, we give birth for goodness sake. A man hits the floor like a sake of shit if a football catches him in the swimsuit area, yet we can push a watermelon out of ours. Lets not even mention how pathetic and shameful footballers are, rolling around like they have been shot when their leg is tickled by another player. You wouldn’t see Alex Danson doing that. Maybe it’s a football thing, or maybe it isn’t, you be the judge, I am just putting it out there.

Women rock. Sisterhood is such a wonderful thing. Yet we seem to spend more time trying to put one another down, and compete for stupid things, rather than trying to build one another up and support our fellow females. We know what each other better than any man can ever know or understand us, why are we not embracing this? The vikings held woman as equals in every way, shield maidens were often more feared and revered than their male counterparts.

Social media, almost most days a young girl is trying to fit in, so covers her face in make up, wears clothing that someone 5+ years older than her would be wearing and uses her most recent version smart phone camera with her favourite filter to take a selfie and post it to see how many ‘likes’ she can get from her ‘friends’ and then spends the rest of the day checking in to see how many people have liked or commented and not paying attention to those that are right there in front of her. Why? Because her role models are doing this.

How is this ok? What are we teaching her? We are the ones that are responsible for this epidemic of frankly useless youths. Why are we allowing our children to grow up without experiences and fun memories, with technology as their friends, with limited life skills? We have allowed this ‘want it now’ culture to be the norm and then turn around and blame every one else because it is their fault for setting the standard, blah blah blah.

I call bullshit!

It is not the education they are given, that has been the same for generations. It is our fault. We sat back and allowed it to happen and it is time that we changed things. We don’t need our children’s role models to be the Disney princess’s that need to be rescued by a Prince, how often does this happen in real life? Pretty much never. The expectation of how a girl should behave is set by us. We know as grown ups that this is only true in very unique situations and fairy tales, yet we feed the dream by dressing them in the princess dresses and all the other crap that comes with it. It is all false beauty. External beauty. We should be teaching our girls to go and make friends with the new kid, to get muddy, to be happy reading and escaping into her imagination, that she can climb trees and do any other damn thing she wants because she isn’t weak, she is a wonderfully unique human and should be free to grow. We should be teaching her to respect herself enough that she doesn’t need to be rescued by anyone. That she can and should be self sufficient. That she can do anything is she works for it and puts her best effort into it. That love isn’t something that you sit and wait for. We need to teach them that it is hard, it hurts, it will make cry and doubt yourself but it is the most wonderful and beautifully precious gift you can ever give and it is even better to receive. We need to lead the way. Our heart breaks should not be kept a secret, our sacrifices should not go unnoticed, our lives, bodies and souls are not less valuable. We need to stand tall, love hard and show our girls that this is what it is like to be female. We can take it, the rough, the smooth, the ups, the downs. We welcome the hard times with our arms open because we learn and grow the most then. We always speak the truth and will always stand by those we love, even if we know they are making mistakes and generally being an idiot, we tell them they are and don’t get upset because they are right and are warning us to change our ways so we can change the future to be better.

We need to step up. Right now. We need to be the change. We need to be the leaders that we are asking for.

1 thought on “Lack of female role models? Look in the mirror, you are already one”

  1. Yes! I’ve noticed this since having my own mini superhero fan.
    Wonder Woman is great! But she was created in 1941. I think it’s pretty shocking that there haven’t been any more major female superheroes in the 75+ years since.
    And such a male bias; only 1 female to 6+ main male superheroes (thinking of superman, spiderman , batman, aquaman, flash, green lantern).

    And don’t get me started on all the Disney Princesses waiting for their Prince to save them. Now that Disney has Star Wars I think Princess Leia can be an alternative; rebel fighter, political leader and social activist.

    Good that the first female Captain Marvel is coming next month;
    ‘I’m not going to fight your war..I’m going to end it’.

    (And I’ll stop spamming your blog now!)


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